Loyola College of Education, Namchi, South Sikkim with her ideal peaceful ambience envisages a balanced Teacher Education and Training based on sound intellectual reasoning and reflection, blended with ample scope for practice in actual SMART classroom situations with meaningful interaction between the Professors and Students and between Students themselves.

Besides the University prescribed syllabus this institution also offers training in many competencies and skills in New Methodologies of Teaching various subjects including Innovative Integrated Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP), in Classroom Management, Stress Management, Sleep Management, Student Motivation, Mentoring, Accompanying and in Child – Centered Education with various Pedagogical and Androgogical Approaches. The institution updates her students in all the latest trends in Educational Theories and Practices such as Emotional Intelligence, Multiple Intelligences, Spiritual Intelligence, Persanalised Self Learning, Programmed Learning and Co-operative and Collaborative Learning Strategies.

Special stress has been laid on the process of making her students effective and efficient teacher, then an educator with ample human qualities such as persons of Competence, Conscience. Compassion and Commitment. The aim is to make the students erudite, courteous, ceaselessly seeking excellence (MAGIS), with a deep concern for their own pupils, especially from the weaker and poorer sections of society. Be sure, whatever you learn from this institution will stand by you in every situation! It will guide you to make your profession more effective and your life happy and contented.

It’s my wonderful great fortune to be the Principal of this sacred institution. I always thank my Almighty Father for giving me an opportunity to serve this institution run by the open-minded and Proactive Jesuits Fathers whose contribution towards the education with the Ignatian Spiritual legacy of almost 450 years in all over the world. So, I look ahead and come forth with God as He wishes me to be a true instrument for this noble tasks and spread the lights of knowledge and wisdom all across the country in particular and to the cosmos in general.

Thank you ...