The insights of great Educationists, Philosophers, Psychologists, Sociologists, Economists, Political leaders, Scientists, Lawyers, Spiritual leaders etc on education have formed the educational policies to face the challenges of technology propelled 21 st century society.
Education is not for life but life itself (John Dewey). Educational institutors have a crucial role to equip their pupils to face the challenges in their lives. Every moment offers an opportunity to develop skills and be efficient and competent to lead fully human lives. The commemoration of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi helps us to relive his ideals to make the society productive, and peaceful.
Among all the great personalities who contributed theories and practices in the field of education, a 16 th century soldier turned saint in the Roman Catholic Church ST IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA is the model and patron of this college. His educational philosophy is evolved from his deep spiritual experiences of Jesus Christ through whom God revealed Himself to humanity. The followers of St. Ignatius , especially the members of his order, the Jesuits have culled out the educational ideals of St Ignatius from his writings and made a model for teaching-learning, known as INTEGRAL PEDEGOGICAL PARADIGM (IPP) which has five components (1) Context, (2) Experience, (3) Reflection, (4)Action and , (5) Evaluation. Education here is based on IPP.
The management, with the help of qualified and competent teaching faculty and supporting staff, takes all efforts to put into practice IPP and train students to acquire adequate skills through formation of intellectual capacity, training in desirable social and humane values. All these lead to an integrated life of the students of this college.
On behalf of the Management, I invite qualified persons to be teaching faculty and college and university students to be part of student fraternity LOYOLA FAMILY. Welcome and blessings from above.

Fr Dr Francis A.V, SJ
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