Loyola College of Education, Namchi is a Jesuit institution. As a Jesuit enterprise it seeks always to live by the 470 years of Jesuit tradition. Besides all the teaching-learning skills that you will develop and learn all the Theories of Education, I would wish that YOU become a teacher that kindles other fires. Be the agent that sparks a fire in the lives of all whom you encounter. The wood is all there, the fuel is all there, it may be wet and damp but it is there, as our late President, Dr Abdul Kalam wrote of Igniting the Mind, this is what all teachers can do. As Dr Schweitzer says, we all go through difficult time but encounter with a good teacher. If I may say so, can bring light to a child.

This is what I wish for all the budding teachers at LCE, that one day you will become the light of the world, the salt of the earth. (Mt 5:13-16)

May God bless all of you at Loyola, the staff, students, your parents & guardians, all Alumni of LCE and the Wonderful People of Sikkim.

Thank you