Loyola College believes in Developing the leadership qualities in her student by giving the experience and the practice of Students’ government. Students Council’s election was held on 22 August 2019 to attain this goal.


  • 1) The President and in his absence the Vice president will call and preside over the meetings of the Students’ Council.
  • 2) Before holding any meeting of the Students’ Council, the president will intimate the Principal/Vice Principal about the intent of the meeting along,      with its agenda.
  • 3) The Vice President will maintain the record of Minutes of SC meetings.

A.Over all

  • 1. To be the mediator between the administration and the student body.
  • 2. To organize the Co-curricular activities as announced/scheduled in the academic calendar.
  • 3. To be responsible for the maintenance of the overall decorum in the campus.
  • 4. To display on the Bulletin Board the Points Tally of the Houses.
  • 5. To keep a watchful eyes on the overall Co-curricular activities of the college.
  • 6. To propose and organize field trips, excursion, picnic etc.
  • 7. To maintain the overall discipline in the college.
  • 8. To remind the students of the need of cleanliness of the classrooms, stairways, Common Rooms, Auditorium, corridors and hygienic atmosphere     in the college.
  • 9. To diffuse in time any unwanted and disruptive activities in the college as and when notice.
  • 10. To foster among the students a spirit of belongingness and collaborative & collective responsibilities in the college.


S.N Post Name
1 President Niharika Horo
2 Vice President Anselm Lepcha
3 Cultural Secretary Rima Lama & Sherap Palmu Bhutia
4 Sports Secretary Jigme T. Bhutia & Bobila Bhutia
5 Library Secretary Nima Kalden Bhutia