Loyola College of Education, Namchi has the vision statement of preparing men and women for others who are intellectually alert, religiously mutually accepting and respecting, socially adjusted, physically healthy, psychologically balanced, and politically conscious of their rights and duties.

The Darjeeling Jesuits and Partners, inspired by the Person and Teachings of Jesus Christ, aim in our Educational Ministry a radical change of heart in our students, staff, parents and the community, so that they are persons of competence, conscience and compassion doing committed service to all to bring about a visibly just society.

  • To prepare conscientious, committed, competent, and compassionate citizens of the country.
  • To impart quality education in the field of Secondary Teachers’ training.
  • To develop personal and critical and logical thinking in the minds of her students.
  • To educate together with their minds (head), the hearts and the hands of her students.
  • To impart value based training to her students.
  • To enhance the intellectual skill of value judgement, quantitative and qualitative evaluation, academic excellence and reasoning.
  • To enrich the required competencies among the students to meet the challenges of pre and post placement in national and international schools.
  • To imbibe the teaching skills for cooperative, interactive and participatory teaching and learning.
  • To provide inward journey and assist self awareness, self development in teaching and learning and day today life.
  • To develop positive attitude towards community service, ecological and environmental concerns.